One thing I’m really good at is dragging my feet. I have that luxury. I can wait, and I expect the world will wait with me.
Every week at around 8pm on Wednesday, I absolutely hate what I’ve written here. It stinks. There’s no chance it’s going to turn into a readable piece…
about the way the end of the year folds in on itself
Do you use the regret test for big decisions in your life? As in, “If I don’t do this thing, what are the chances I’ll regret it in 20 years?”
It’s fitting that your last day of work is on the eve of my birthday. Like a new year, it’s an occasion to look backward and forward at the same time…
Dear Noah
It didn’t come up once during the workday yesterday. Sure, it was all over the news and social media, but my personal conversations stayed strictly…
Behind the scenes of our engagement
Or the time I learned about nomophobia
An interview with my dad about being a dadListen now | We talk about his dad, the best parts of parenthood, and WTF to do with twins
The one rule I haven't been following