Seeing and believing yourself through someone else's eyes
A journalist was telling the story of an assignment early in his career where a prominent local athlete was going through a health scare. What stood out…
There are only so many hours in a day and we spend most of them sleeping, working, or trying not to fall asleep at work. Though some of us have autonomy…

February 2023

It’s hard to make friends. The last time it was truly easy, a fellow four-year-old walked up to me, said, “Hi, I Brian,” and we’ve been friends ever…
and other matters of etiquette
All This Could Be Different | The Rabbit Hutch | Liberation Day

January 2023

Behind the scenes of our engagement
It wasn’t that long ago that AI was an easy target for ridicule. You may remember the meme format, “I forced a bot to watch 1000 hours of a TV show and…
Or the time I learned about nomophobia
A resolution for anyone

December 2022

11 books I really enjoyed this year
to see your family