this is HILARIOUS (get out of my head). Thanks for this, easily my favorite of your writings (thus far)!

Funny anecdote - One of my best friends from college (female) and I had a pretty dramatic falling out after 10 years of friendship...while we were taking a break, she found a guy who she wound up marrying like last week (lol). I wasn't invited to the wedding - currently we're in a place of repairing our relationship but I figured she might invite me cuz of the past. She did not. I was LITERALLY texting her yesterday about my desire to send her a present. But I would not have done that if it wasn't my specific situation with my friend Alison.

Oh well. I'll just hope people don't invite me to weddings.

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I’m over 50 and I didn’t know that. I guess I just always attended weddings!

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Sep 15, 2022Liked by Jack Neary

Great discussion of a situation which needed some clarification

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