Jun 17, 2021 • 24M

An interview with my dad about being a dad

We talk about his father, the best parts of parenthood, and WTF to do with twins

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My guest today is my dad.

Don’t forget to call yours on Sunday.


🎙 0:52 Mike gets us up to speed on where he’s been and what he’s up to

🎙 3:53 “Do you recall a conscious decision about starting a family?”

🎙 6:18 “What was the news that you were having twins like?”

🎙 9:58 “Would you say there are differences between raising a daughter and a son?”

🎙 11:22 “Anything surprising about parenthood?”

🎙 12:48 “Can you tell us some stories about your dad?”

🎙 18:15 “Any lessons from your father that you carried into your fatherhood?”